ABB is supplying technology to the Turkish transmission system operator Teias to help integrate renewable energy to the country's grid. 

Some 5000 Relion protection and control relays are being installed to help with smart automation of the grid to deal with intermittent, weather dependent power sources.

The work is underway and is expected to be completed this year, ABB said.

Teias general manager Abdullah Atalay said: “We have deployed ABB feeder management relays for the integration of renewable energy sources into the developing and growing electrification system of Turkey. 

“ABB relays have the comprehensive technical features that are in line with our requirements and expectations.” 

The provision of the relays is a part of a larger World Bank-funded initiative in Turkey, called the Renewable Energy Integration project. 

The government of Turkey is planning to add 20GW of new wind capacity by 2023.

Image: ABB