Global installed capacity of wave and tidal stream more than doubled in 2017 to 25MW from 12MW a year earlier according to the latest Ocean Energy Systems (OES) annual report.

Tidal stream deployments increased to over 17MW last year, led by Atlantis Resources’ 6MW MeyGen Phase 1A in the Pentland Firth, Scotland

Wave capacity doubled to 8MW led by Wello’s Clean Energy From Ocean Waves project at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney.

“2017 has been a landmark year in ocean energy (and) we have seen many useful international collaborations develop, particularly between the USA and Europe,” said OES chairman Henry Jeffrey.

“However, globally we are still waiting on clear market signals for wave and tidal projects. Such market signals are vital for the industry to progress towards commercialisation."

Image: MeyGen 1A (Atlantis)