Brussels-based wave and tidal trade body Ocean Energy Europe (OEE) has appointed a new co-president and elected a new board of directors tasked with uniting the sector behind a strategy based on deploying pre-commercial arrays.

Naval Energies President Laurent Schneider-Maunoury has been appointed co-president replacing Thierry Kalanquin, his predecessor at the French tidal developer.

DP Energy chief executive Simon Pietro has been reappointed to serve another three-year term as the other co-president.

OEE has also elected seven directors including Ocean Energy chief technology officer Tony Lewis, Corpower chief Patrik Moller, Carnegie European director Kieran O’Brien and Tecnalia head of wave energy Pablo Ruiz-Minguela.

Also elected to the board were Scotrenewables chief Andrew Scott, Schottel Hydro board advisor Jochen Weilepp and European Marine Energy Centre commercial director Oliver Wragg.

“With this new board we are in a good position to capitalise on the ground gained and improve both yield and reduce costs,” said De Pietro.

“Now is a crucial time for ocean energy in Europe, as we stand on the brink of commercialisation. The EU has an important role to play to support development on the ground in member states,” added Schneider-Maunoury.

Image: Laurent Schneider-Maunoury (Ocean Energy Europe)