Finnish wave developer AW Energy has applied for additional MaRINET2 funding to continue tank testing at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB).

The company completed a six-month project in January focused on studying the impact of extreme loads on WaveRoller components such as the foundation and energy-generating panel.

AW Energy said data gathered at QUB’s Wave Basin, which was purpose-built for developing wave devices in the nearshore environment, will be used to reduce both size and cost of WaveRoller foundations.

“The design loads were not exceeded yet were not too conservative either. This confirms our design methods are working well,” said AW Energy marine engineer Matti Vuorinen.

The tests covered a wide range of design conditions of varying tides, sea states and wave directions, he added.

MaRINET2 is an EU-funded, €10.5m project, which includes 39 organizations and the participation of 13 countries.

Image: Wave Basin (Queen's University Belfast)