A consortium of companies from the south-west of England has developed a dynamic positioning (DP) barge for work in the marine energy industry.

Innovate UK funded 50% of the £3m+ project, which comprised ITPEnergised, dynamic positioning system developer Reygar, marine construction contractor and vessel owner Keynvor Morlift and A&P Falmouth.

The flat-top Mormaen 15 DP1 barge was successfully trialed off Falmouth in March following five-and-a-half-years of research, the consortium said.

Mormaen 15 (pictured) is 60-metres long and 22-metres wide and has a Reygar StemTide dynamic positioning control system that can be operated in automatic, weathervane and joystick modes, it said.

The consortium added that the vessel will be deployed on tidal, wave and wind energy projects for transportation, installation, operations and maintenance and decommissioning works.

They said the vessel can also be used for survey, cable lay, subsea drilling and grouting, nearshore marine construction and salvage projects. 

“The DP barge project set out to deliver a cost-efficient and versatile construction platform for the transportation, installation, maintenance and decommissioning of marine energy devices, and for a variety of marine construction and installation projects,” the consortium said. 

Image: ITPEnergised