SeaRoc Group has enhanced its SeaPlanner marine management system with the integration of JBA Consulting's metocean risk management software ForeCoast Marine.

ForeCoast Marine adds metocean risk management to SeaPlanner allowing access to data from a variety of sources to optimise operations to minimise weather downtime, SeaRoc said.

It will also quantify the knock-on effects of metocean delays and generate reports, the company added.

SeaRoc Group managing director Steve Pears said: “The integration of ForeCoast Marine enables a completely new function to the existing planning features of the Seaplanner system.

“Not only can clients effectively manage their transfer plans with vessel availability, records of tasks to be carried out and availability of trained personnel, but with the ForeCoast Marine integration it is now possible to include availability of weather and metocean windows for the transits to take place.”

JBA director Mark Lawless said: “We are delighted to partner with SeaRoc Group to enhance the services that we can offer to our clients.”

Image: SeaRoc