Welsh wave developer Marine Power Systems (MPS) has completed commissioning of its PowerBuoy, a grid simulator to operate alongside its quarter-scale WaveSub prototype at FabTest in Cornwall.

The PowerBuoy will enable MPS to analyse the non-grid connected WaveSub’s generation capacity across in multiple sea states.

The PowerBuoy was designed by MPS with support from with British and Irish contractors including LCF Marine, Fibaform, SevernSubsea and MjR.

The kit will be connected to the WaveSub by an umbilical cable.

MPS test engineer Sebastian Perry said: “The PowerBuoy will play a critical role during this energy generation test phase by enabling us to optimise the WaveSub’s position in the water column remotely and to harvest data on the WaveSub’s power output response.”

A WaveDataBuoy, also deployed at the FaBTest site and operating independently of the PowerBuoy will relay information on the current sea state to the MPS team on shore.

The WaveSub protoype is due to installed off Falmouth by the end of June.

Image: PowerBuoy at FabTest (Marine Power Systems)