Germany will cut the feed-in tariff (FiT) for eligible onshore wind projects by 2.4% from October 2018, according to grid regulator BNetzA.

The agency has lowered the tariff for the fifth quarter in a row after the more than 5.3GW of onshore wind installed in the 12 months to April 2018 overshot the government's target of 2.5GW a year.

The FiT will be 17% lower than in early 2017 from October, BNetzA said.

Germany is allocating future onshore wind capacity through auctions, with two 700MW sales planned for 1 August and 1 October this year.

However, projects registered with BNetzA remain eligible to tap the old feed-in system until the end of the year.

From 2019 onwards only projects up to 750kW and prototypes will be exempt from auctions and will have a FiT of €45.6 per megawatt-hour, BNetzA said.

It is calculated using the average of the highest successful bids in Germany’s 2017 auctions.

Image: Pexels