The Tecnalia-led Project Opera consortium will today remove its 30kW Marmok-A5 wave energy prototype from the sea at the Bimep test site off Bilbao in Spain.

The device will be towed to the shore, where its two 15kW Wells turbines developed by Oceantec and the University of Siegen in Germany will be dismounted. 

They will be replaced with one 30kW biradial wave turbine provided by Portuguese outfit Kymaner.

The Marmok-A5 has been installed at sea for 21 months and is scheduled to go back to the site 4km off the coast by late July.

A predictive control system will also help improve the yield of the new machine.

The Project Opera device will also be equipped with elastomeric mooring tethers that aim to reduce fabrication costs, as well as repainted.

The beefed up turbine is set to stay in the water for about a year. The developers aim to develop a 250kW to 300kW commercial machine by 2021.

A commercial device will have a diameter of 14 metres, up from the test device's five metres, and could also be trialed off the Basque country's coast.

The €8.3m Opera project received funding from the EU and the Spanish government. The developers also include Global maritime, DNV GL, Oceantec, Eve, Técnico Lisboa, and the Universities of Edinburgh and Exeter and University College of Cork.

Image: Opera