The Ohio Power Siting Board has cleared the way for potential approval of Fred Olsen Renewables and LEEDCo’s 21MW Icebreaker offshore wind farm on Lake Erie in the US.

A total of 34 conditions will need to be met by the six-turbine freshwater development according to a report filed by the agency.

The project will also be the subject of a public hearing on 19 July and an evidentiary hearing is scheduled for 6 August.

Conditions include the wind farm not operating at night from 1 March until 1 January unless the developers have an adequate monitoring plan for birds and bats in place, according to local reports.

Bird and bat collision detectors will also need to be installed on the turbines, they added.

Construction of Icebreaker, which will feature six MHI Vestas V126-3.45MW machines, could now start in 2021, the reports said.

Image: LEEDCo