Europe added almost 16GW of new wind capacity in 2017, up 20% on the previous year, according to the latest figures.

Industry outfit WindEurope said in its annual report onshore accounted for 12.5GW while offshore added 3.1GW.

Germany with 6.6GW led the way from the UK on 4.3GW and France on 1.7GW.

The report says wind installations accounted for 55% of all power installations globally during the year. In the EU meanwhile wind installations were 24.1GW from a total of 28.5GW.

A total of 11.5GW of new projects reached final investment decisions during the year with a value of €22.3bn, although this was down 19% on the corresponding figure in 2016.

Wind energy in Europe has a total installed capacity of 169GW, the majority of which (153GW) is onshore with 16GW no spinning offshore.

Image: WindEurope