GE is teaming up with Arenko Group to build grid-scale energy storage projects in the UK.

The partners will combine GE’s battery technology, power electronics and control systems with Arenko’s experience in operating storage projects in the UK market.

Arenko has invested in a 41MW battery energy storage system supplied by GE in the Midlands.

The project will be operational later this year, integrating GE and Arenko’s control technologies and operated using the latter’s energy trading software.

The stated aim of the partners is to provide flexibility and a more balanced energy system.

GE Power energy storage global commercial and marketing executive Mirko Molinari said: “Energy storage will help balance supply and demand close to real time, avoiding frequency drifts and supporting the mid-term response to grid imbalances. 

“The flexibility it offers smooths the fluctuating nature of renewable energy, provides quick reserves when needed, stores excess energy generation and much more.”

Image: Arenko Group