Senvion has been selected by Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW) as its exclusive cooperation partner for projects totalling several hundred MWs in Germany.

EnBW will submit planning applications for projects featuring the new Senvion 3.4M140 low-speed wind turbine.

Once approval is obtained, the wind farms will participate in Germany’s onshore wind auctions, Senvion said.

Senvion executive vice president sales Europe Jochen Magerfleisch said: “This milestone is an important signal in many respects: firstly, we are delighted that EnBW has such confidence in our work and technology.

“Secondly, the number of planning applications involving Senvion wind turbines shows that we are meeting demand head on at various German locations with our new low-speed wind turbines.

“Last but not least, this cooperation between EnBW and Senvion demonstrates that the energy transition in Germany will continue with the new German Renewable Energy Sources Act and is being driven by us.”

EnBW head of onshore renewables projects Franc Schütz said: “In the onshore segment, we want to have put a total of 1000MWs into operation by 2020.

“For us, the cooperation with Senvion is a further way to succeed with competitive offers in the new tender system.”

Image: Senvion