Welsh developer Wave-tricity has kicked off sea trials of a prototype Ocean Wave Roller device off Pembroke Dock.

The device is a concrete water barge converted for use as a wave generator by Pembroke outfit Mainstay Marine Solutions.

The Pembroke company plans to build a full sized device upon completion of the initial two-year trial period.

Ocean Wave Roller is designed to be a desalination solution and to provide relief to disaster hit regions across the world.

"Our focus has been on ensuring that our energy devices are low maintenance and can survive for long periods of time at sea," said director Matthew Fairclough-Kay.

"The next few months of sea testing will determine how quickly we can take these potentially life-saving devices to market."

In June 2016, the company secured a £4m EU funding package to develop the Ocean Wave Rower.

The Wave-tricity tests were launched by product ambassador and Olympic rowing champion Sir Steve Redgrave.

Image: Wave-tricity