The US Department of Energy has awarded a total of $10.5m to six “next-generation marine energy systems” including both wave and tidal projects.

Cash will be split between initiatives to improve survivability in the ocean environment and projects to reduce uncertainty around installation, operations and maintenance.

The latter category includes cash for Columbia Power Technologies, which is developing the floating offshore wave device Stingray. 

Also being supported is Verdant Power and its Triframe foundation design for underwater turbines, and Ingiugig Village Council in Alaska which is developing an in-river turbine system.

Cash to improve survivability will go to Dehlsen Associations, which is developing the Centipod wave device based on multiple floating units. M3 Wave and Oscilla Power are also supported with their wave concepts.

Projects will be backed by additional work from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Sandia National Labs.

Image: an early device from Columbia Power Technologies (CWP)