TenneT has issued a pre-qualification notice for an upcoming tender to build the 700MW Hollandse Kust Noord and 700MW Hollandse Kust West Alpha offshore wind platforms off the Netherlands.

The Dutch grid company will invite potential bidders to tender in January 2019 for the two platforms.

The contract award for both platforms is due in first quarter 2020.

The Hollandse Kust Noord offshore platform, which will connect the wind farm of the same name and consist of two 350MW HVAC circuits with twin 35km-long, 220kV export cables, is due online in 2023.

The Hollandse Kust West Alpha platform, which will feature twin, 70km long export cables, is due online in 2024.

The platforms will be connected to the wind farms via a 66V connection.

Both platforms will consist of a topside weighing around 3,000 tonnes and a jacket foundation of around 1,600 tonnes.