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Material comfort for marine life

New offshore turbine scour solution by OMM to help organisms thrive

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UK-based Offshore Marine Management has teamed up with Geofabrics Australasia to create an “environmentally sensitive and sustainable” solution for scour protection at the base of wind turbines.

OMM will be repurposing Geofabrics’ ELCOROCK System, a sand-filled container made from geotextile fabric, to provide an alternative to rock placement protection. The company said this also helps marine life to thrive and could assist in securing planning permission.

ELCOROCK (pictured) was developed more than 20 years ago to prevent erosion of beaches along Australia’s Gold Coast and is proven to encourage underwater habitats to grow around the system.

OMM chief executive Rob Grimmond said: “Concrete and rock are usually used to protect the base of a wind turbine from erosion but they can cause problems with the O&M phase of cable repairs and don’t encourage the marine ecosystem.

“Our new solution will overcome this problem and may even help with planning permissions of offshore wind farms. This solution is environmentally friendly whilst offering a cable protection solution away from concrete matting. The strength of experience at Geofabrics makes them the perfect partner.”

Geofabrics business development manager Dave Markham added: “This is a new and exciting market area for ELCOROCK.”

Image: Geofabrics

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