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Danes, Poles think smaller on wind

WWEA says new feed-in tariffs to help boost medium sector in Europe

Danes, Poles think smaller on wind image

New feed-in tariffs for medium wind projects in Denmark and Poland are set to boost the sector in Europe, according to the World Wind Energy Association.

The body said while smaller turbines have been popular in particular in Asia and in North America, with the exception of the UK European nations “have not been major drivers of this success story, neither technically nor economically”.

Denmark is now preparing the introduction of a feed-in tariff set at €0.33/(kWh for units up to 10kW and €0.20/kWh for up to 25kW.

The country already has the highest wind power share of 40% and has now “understood the additional and complementary benefits from small generation units2, said the WWEA.

In Poland, a new renewable energy law will include a FiT for small wind turbines. Up to 3kW the rate will be €0.17/kWh, up to 10kW it will be €0.15/kWh.

The WWEA said: “This decision has the potential of creating major changes of the Polish renewable energy market which has so far not been based on local and domestic investors.”

WWEA secretary general Stefan Gsänger added: “Outside the large small wind markets in China and the US, the small wind industry has been struggling to establish itself as a major player on the energy markets, mainly due to a lack of political support.

“Technically and economically, small wind has a lot to offer. Denmark and Poland bring now new hope to the small wind sector in Europe.”

Image: the medium wind sector has boomed in North America and Asia (

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